You're connected as an invisible ghost sitting on top of a tree. All the construction people walking back and forth aren't trying to be rude. They just don't see you!

The Construction Site

You see a rough patch of land. A couple dozen day-laborers are cutting down old trees, mowing grass, smoothing out uneven ground, and doing other assorted cleanup tasks. Beyond this area you see the ghostly appearance of a university which looks like it must have hosted many dedicated wizards, programmers, builders, teachers and students; and pioneered a lot of great distance education technology in its heyday.

A big sign says:

Welcome to the future home of Diversity University MOO's Den [Distance Education Network]! We're just starting to clear the underbrush from this plot of land; so please excuse the sawdust, chainsaws, lawnmowers, backhoes, and other equipment noises. Take a hard hat from the pile and be safe! :)

You see two documents:

  1. Create DU-Den
  2. Brainstorm implementation ideas for

A car suddenly appears by a curb you never noticed before, on a street you're not sure you remember, either. A slightly masculine, but beautiful, woman seems to merge through the car door. Under her purple pointed hat and shoulder-length wavy brown hair, wire-framed glasses get dark very fast in the sunlight. She looks thoughtfully in your direction for a few moments as if she could see you. When she wiggles her fingers in the air, a small postage stamp seems to come out of her fingertip, flitter around in the wind, and disappear. She's wearing no less than three conflicting "name" tags: Charlene, MattWright, and 9919!

You're still trying to figure that out when she swipes her hand through the air in a big arch; when she draws her hand back, it looks like there's a half-transparent blueprint of sorts just floating in the air facing her! She looks sadly at a tree stump, looks at the mysterious blueprint, and points at a nearby tree: it promptly gets up, moves over a ways, and firmly plops itself back into the ground!

There doesn't seem to be anywhere else to go, but you don't mind sticking around anyway, just to see what happens next...

A big sign says:

DU Den now has a wiki! Go to the DU Den wiki now >>

Unfortunately, the wiki was hijacked in early October 2015, and a bunch of pages were created that had nothing to do with the mission of this project. So, until I have time to respond appropriately to this, I have taken the wiki down for the time being. If you are interested in the mission of this project, I apologize, and I would like to assure you that the mission has not been abandoned. -Charlene